Q: How many mAh battery is inside the case?
A: 1500mAh which is the equivalent of up to 80% iPhone 6s battery life.

Q: Where can I get the 3LINE battery case?
A: Currently our inventory is out of stock. Please contact info@three-line.com if you’d like to make purchases.

Q: How thin is 3LINE case?
A: Abnormally slim! Our 3LINE case is very lean compare to other battery cases in the market today. The total thickness measures at a staggering 12 millimeters from the front of the case to the back.

Q: I’m a distributor. How do I make purchase order?
A: For more information about wholesale prices please contact us at info@three-line.com

Q: Does it come in different color?
A: Currently black is the only color option that we offer.

Q: How do I stop charging?
A: Hold the triangle button for 3 seconds to stop charging.

Q: I see blinking light on my case. What is happening?
A: The case includes an LED indicator light that shows the state of charge (SoC). Please refer to the user manual but the gist of it is that green means it is fully charged, orange means that the battery is at 60% SoC, while red means 30% SoC or less. If the red is blinking, the case is almost out of juice. Please charge your case when this happens.

Q: So will there be 3LINE case for the iPhone 7?
A: You bet. Please subscribe to our mailing list and we will inform you as soon as the 3LINE case for iPhone 7 is available.

Q: How long does shipment take to deliver the product?
A: Please check Touch of Modern shipping policy.